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Clan Wicked Duelist

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Exam will begin at date 21-28 March 2015.
Old Member of Ghouls is come yesterday + Leader.

Leader : (Ghouls) Marik , Banned
Co-Leader : 1. (Ghouls) Evil Mind , Banned.
2. (Ghouls) Demon , Missing.
3. (Ghouls) Angel , Play.
4. (Ghouls) Aogiri , Play (New Leader at (Ghouls) Marik and me not play.

Tell to Aogiri about this forum.

Now picture to Slifer and Ra have been updated.
Exam Test 2

13th March 2015, 2:01 pm by (Ghouls) Angel

Hello all, Exams will start immediately when the date 21-28 March,

The exam will make you to move up to Ra Yellow.

(Ghouls) Angel
Admin, in 14 March 2015. farao

To Ra Yellow will open!

22nd February 2015, 5:54 am by (Ghouls) Angel

Hello student of Slifer!

How to Ra Yellow Dorm :
1. Only two member can join this Dorm.
2. Already follow the Exam Test.
3. You will rank up to Ra Yellow Dorm!

The Exam Test for Slifer!

19th February 2015, 8:04 am by (Ghouls) Angel

The Exam for Slifer is tomorrow!

BY : Third Co-Leader

Welcome to the Slifer Red Dorm

16th February 2015, 8:57 am by (Ghouls) Angel

Let's check your skil Duelist!

Please answer this :

1. Name Dueling Network :... ( Your profile in DN )
2. Do you like shadow duel ? yes/no
3. Does your need a new deck ? yes/no

In here you can find your question 2 & 3.


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Slifer Red Dorm

Slifer Red Dorm

Here is where the Duelist low. And has a simple skill. Only Slifer, Ra and Obelisk can post here. Secret Dorm can also post here.

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46Exam Test 2
13th March 2015, 2:01 pm
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Ra Yellow Dorm

Ra Yellow DormHere is the placement of the Duelist who can shadow duelist and skill is high enough, he can also post in Slifer and Dorm underneath, but should not post in Obelisk Blue Dorm. Here you can Get Shadow Coin pretty much, welcome to the Slifer Red that has been raised here.

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11Welcome to the R...
16th February 2015, 9:00 am
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Obelisk Blue Dorm

Obelisk Blue Dorm

Duelist who are experts in the Shadow Duel will be included here.
Entry requirements Obelisk Blue Dorm:
1. Exam Score your test should be above 85
2. Score Duel test you also must be above 8
3. Rank Slifer Red Dorm its minimum

Here you could posing anywhere, except in the Secret Dorm.

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11Registration has...
17th February 2015, 1:56 pm
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Greatest Duelist Dorm

Greatest Duelist Dorm

Here is a very skilled duelist in the shadow duel or duel. Here you can set up a team to duel with fellow Greatest Duelist.
Terms enter Greatest Duelist Dorm is:
1. Already having an approximately 5 friends.
2. Rank must be above 9
3. Shadow Coin must be possessed 100 or more.
4. Here you can form a team to beat
other team.

Here you can post as you please.

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